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“I've tried a few different painting contractors in the past but Amazon Exteriors went above and beyond my expectations!”

– James , Denver, CO

Interior Painting

You may not think at first, but there are many areas that require paint on the inside of your home or office. In addition to bedroom walls and ceilings, there are trim, doors, and hard to reach areas to cover as well.

Then there’s the issue of finding a company that handles commercial and residential service. Otherwise, it may take you a while to find someone capable of doing your job.

Instead, leave all of your interior surfaces to our team for the best results possible. Whether it needs repair services first or you’re only looking for the best value around, we are your number one choice each time.

Call us today for a free quote on all your interior painting needs. We guarantee the best finish quality possible for all your interior painting needs.

Exterior Painting

The first thing your friends, neighbors, customers, and employees notice about your buildings is how faded the paint appears. Curb appeal makes the difference between keeping the city and HOA from fining you, as well as whether or not you can attract patrons.
When your house or business is in need of a facelift, we can help you make your outside areas look refreshed once more. We offer more ways to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best than anyone else.

Whether you’re planning a family backyard barbecue, a grand reopening, or it’s been too long since your last paint job, we can handle any exterior surface fast. We consider your building’s exterior just as important as the inside, providing you with the best quality possible on every job.

Call today for your quote and see how much we can save you. We provide more repair and painting services for all your exterior painting needs.

Residential Painting and Repair

Before your drywall or stucco surfaces can receive painting, they must get repaired first. Why should you need to call a separate repair service provider for the same project?

Trying to align the service calls from multiple contractors is rarely straightforward. That means even a simple painting job can drag on for months waiting on the repair side to finish first.

Instead, we offer comprehensive repair solutions for more areas inside and out, helping you enjoy faster completion times and better quality. Having one company handle the entire job from start to finish also creates a smooth, even appearance and a better finish look.

We make your job easier with complete repair and painting solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We understand how frustrating it gets having an entire painting crew interrupting your busy schedule. Whether it’s plastic tarp left in work areas or not getting to use your living room at home, repair and painting services are rarely convenient.

However, we strive for the fastest completion times possible without rushing the quality of your job. When we handle your surface cracks, missing stucco, and complete painting services, it creates a quicker painting project in the end.

Our company remains the trusted name in complete interior and exterior services for over 30 years. We guarantee that you’ll love the results an experienced painting contractor can achieve for your residence or company.

We want to assist as many area residents, and business owners discover the best quality finishes at affordable pricing as possible. Contact us for your free quote and see what you can save on more repair and painting solutions.


“I use Amazon Exteriors for all of my business locations!”

– Richard , Castle Rock, CO

Free Painting Estimates

We feel value begins before the work does. And believe it or not, not all painting contractors or repair companies provide complimentary estimates.

As a homeowner or business owner, we know that you have enough to worry about when it comes to cost. Whether you’re stuck with a strict budget or are just tired of getting forced to spend more, we do what we can to keep your costs low.

That is why our service quotes remain free from both price and obligation. Combined with the lowest pricing possible on more painting services, you’re getting the best deal around.
Contact Amazon Exteriors & Painting Company today for your free quote. We can save you more daily.


“Amazon Exteriors hits the mark every time! I could not be happier with their service!”


– Meredith, Denver, CO